Turbhe Station QR Code

Below is the turbhe station qr code image that you can scan it using the UTS app to conveniently book your ticket.

About Turbe Railway Station

An important junction station, Turbhe Railway Station is located in Turbhe’s node on the Mumbai Suburban Railway’s Harbour Line. With access from the Thane-Belapur road on the eastern side and the NMMT depot on the western side, the station is in a convenient location.

Turbhe serves as the fifth railway station on the 23 km long Thane-Turbhe-Vashi/Nerul Rail Corridor, which connects Thane to Navi Mumbai. The distance between the railway stations in Turbhe and Thane is 15 km and 3 km, respectively. Similar to other stations along the line, the station was designed by Hafeez Contractor and includes double discharge facilities on all tracks with an island platform width of 12 m and an end platform width of 8 m. 250 motorbikes and 175 vehicles can park at the station, which has a 15,000 square meter footprint.

In 2005, there were twelve rail services daily in each direction on this rail line. Presently, there are 88 services on either side from Vashi and Thane.

Turbe Railway Station Code

The station for Turbe Railway Station is “TUH”