American Tourister vs VIP Which is better?

Attractive luggage is a requirement of today. It provides the user to express themselves, their personality, and their style, in a world that prefers to see nothing but unique tastes & preferences. This is what has given a hand of support to the brands who are out there with their business models, providing their customers with a line of products that comes with the distinguished designs, and this is what separates them from one another.

With an understanding of the above-explained pointers, this article aims to distinguish American Tourister and VIP, the two well-known brands in the market. Keep reading ahead to know more.

American Tourister

Formed by Samsonite, the parent company of American Tourister, the brand has been in the market for around 80 years. It’s a North American brand, the luggage models of which are pricier than the other models offered in the market by its competitors. However, for example, if we look at American Tourister vs VIP, the luggage models offered by both brands virtually remain to be of similar quality. Despite the same, American Tourister gained a significant market share from VIP.

It is worth noting that, American Tourister was created on purpose to give a strong competition to VIP. Its designs are an appeal to the young generation who look for design and professional touch hand-in-hand. So, the brand has been acceptable not just at the professional level but also by the leisure travellers who wish to travel with confidence and style.


VIP has been a choice of people for the last 4 decades. It has provided people with a wide range of products with varied price ranges, covering affordable to premium qualities. It is because of the affordability and range of products it offers that VIP’s popularity allows it to capture almost 70% of the Indian luggage market. Even when the percentage dropped down to 50 in recent years due to competition & increasing demand for the hard-shell luggage, VIP still holds a strong position within the

Irrespective of the distinguishable factor chosen, every single model of every single brand would vary in terms of price, feature and quality. It is therefore highly recommended to evaluate the specific product option from VIP and American Tourister as per the preference and requirement.

Do consider visiting the retail stores for physically examining luggage and having a chance to read the product description in detail after you have checked through the customer reviews online.  

American Tourister vs VIP- Explained with Example

To have a comparison in between these two brands, it’s important to note down that every single brand has its own strength and weakness. To better understand it and to find beyond, it is better to dive deep, and in this case, we do so by comparing a few products from both the brands.

Moonlight Hardside Spinner by American Tourister

This luggage option provided by American Tourister is known to offer,

  • Attractive & Vibrant design
  • Sturdy hard side shell to withstand rough handling
  • Durability
  • Spinner wheels for smooth manoeuvrability
  • Telescopic handle- adjustable as per comfort
  • Affordable price- makes it excellent choice for the travellers who are budget-conscious.

Aristocrat Envy Expandable ABS Suitcase by VIP

This ABS Suitcase by VIP is known for,

  • Premium quality for refined & elegance
  • Sleek design that offers sophisticated & timeless designs
  • Strength & Durability
  • Expandable features for extra packaging
  • Smooth-rolling spinning wheels
  • Sturdy handle for easy manoeuvrability
  • High price targeting premium customers.

In two of the above-mentioned products, the features offered by American Tourister make it a popular choice for one’s who are style-conscious yet looking for a budget-friendly choice. While when we look at VIP’s model, we see a premium quality product with a sophisticated aesthetic, that is trying to attract customers willing to make investments in high-end luggage choices.

Now, for making a choice between the two would be difficult, but it wouldn’t be difficult if the customer has a clarity about their preference, specific travel requirements, budget considerations and other factors like,

  • Features
  • Personal expression
  • Luxury image or branding
  • Durability & protection
  • Price of the model
  • Weight & Size considerations
  • Cost efficiency (long-term)
  • Design, etc., which must all be considered during the evaluation of what would suit best to align with personal preferences and requirements.

One must not ignore any of the factors when making a choice because all of it matters when one is looking forward to having a focused journey instead of worrying about the performance or quality of the luggage.

American Tourister vs VIP- Other Product Examples

Some other products that are offered by American Tourister and VIP, which seem to be similar and yet can be compared in terms of varied factors, are,

  • American Tourister Moonlight Hardside Spinner & VIP Skybags Boom 01- Comparison based on size choices, the performance of the spinner wheel, colour, etc.
  • American Tourister Bon Air Spinner & VIP Aristocrat Truck 22- Comparison based on handle design, weight, interior, durability, manoeuvrability, etc.
  • American Tourister Soundbox Spinner & VIP Skybags Strut 30- Large-sized spinners that get compared based on colour, expandability, the performance of the spinner wheel, etc.

Apart from the above, there exist many other options that are manufactured by VIP and American Tourister. These can be compared by the users based on varied factors that have been discussed above.


  • VIP Aristocrat Xena,
  • VIP Skybags Zumba,
  • VIP Skybags Zenith,
  • VIP Skybags Whiz, etc.

American Tourister

  • American Tourister Bon Air,
  • American Tourister Belle Voyage,
  • American Tourister Fieldbrook,
  • American Tourister Star Wars R2-D2, etc.

The above-mentioned products are some of the popular choices offered by American Tourister and VIP. These can be compared and chosen based on the needs and requirements or any other factor which is important to the user at a given point in time.

Note that the names and the models that are offered by both these brands, they can vary from time to time, but with proper research and a visit to the official website, or the authorized retailers, the buyers will have a chance to compare models while checking out the latest collections.

Do not stop yourself and take the chance. Remember, to reduce the chaos of the mind and choosing by doing an analysis of American Tourister vs VIP will give the user a peace of mind and an assurance of having the best in hand.

American Tourister vs VIP- Verdict

Even though VIP lost quite a significant amount of its market share to American Tourister because of the old-fashion appearance offered by it, that wasn’t the choice of the young market, the brand has been trying to pull up its numbers. They are putting in efforts to modernize the brand and to beat American Tourister, at least in terms of the general appeal and style. However, it seems that’s a long way for the VIP to cover.

Now, to provide the verdict of American Tourister vs VIP, the products offered by American Tourister will be highly recommended. Even though the brands virtually seem to be similar in quality, the product choices offered by American Tourister come with a wide range of the soft-shell and the hard-shell luggage. It will provide more options to make a choice from.

Apart from the above-mentioned important factor of choice, when these two brands are compared, preferences, budget constraints and travel requirements will significantly influence the choice in between the brands. So, do not go by just our word and take time when researching. Read the reviews. Compare some of the specific models from each brand. Finally, make an informed decision that remains based on your priority and need.

We hope you make a better choice or rather a wise one. Happy Shopping!