Safari Thorium Sharp Antiscratch 66 Cms Suitcase (Review)

Safari Thorium Sharp Antiscratch 66 Cms is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of stylish luggage. Travelers can stay fashionable for their next travel destination by adding this affordable suitcase from Safari to their pre-travel buying list. 

The Safari Thorium’s high-quality features offer tough protection from environmental wear and tear, and its sleek exterior comes in a variety of colors to suit any personality.

In this review, we have taken a closer look at this suitcase, examining all its key elements, such as durability, move ability, value, and more.

This ensures that shoppers can be confident that they are not compromising on a quality purchase simply because they are looking for a budget product. 

A Quick Glance

Safari Thorium Sharp Antiscratch 66 Cms

  • Material: Polycarbonate Hard Casing
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Capacity: 81.9 liters
  • Lock Type: Number/ Pattern Lock
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Water Resistant: Yes

Full Review

Now that we have this bag in focus, let’s take a deep dive to analyze all its features. This in-depth analysis will shed light on whether or not this suitcase is the best option for your needs.

1. Build

The Safari Thorium is an excellent option for vacationers who want to relax and enjoy their trip without being distracted by the logistics of packing and stowing their belongings.

Owing to its polycarbonate body and exceptional design, you can rest assured that this suitcase is nothing but lightweight. 

Also, because of the material, scuff marks are simple to remove, which means that the smooth appearance of your luggage will continue to be preserved for a longer amount of time because of all of these factors, purchasing Safari Thorium is a fantastic choice in terms of value for money because it enables you to make an investment in quality without compromising your ability to buy it.

2. Capacity & Weight

The 21-inch suitcase is an ideal solution for those who don’t want many items but still need space for the essentials.

With its capacity of 81.9 liters and dimensions of 46 cms x 27 cms x 66 cms (LxWxH), this convenient luggage ensures that you are flying comfortably with minimal strain on packing.

Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry, making it perfect for short trips that require little more than the basics. 

Moving on, we all know that packing for trips can be challenging, especially when airlines limit baggage weight. The Safari Thorium is the perfect solution to this problem with its lightweight hard case body. 

Although the average weight of a large hard case suitcase is over 4.5kg (10 lbs) empty, the Safari Thorium only weighs 5 kg, meaning you have more space to work with when trying to pack everything within your luggage allowance.

This makes it an excellent travel companion as it eliminates the possibility of you having to deal with potentially expensive overweight charges at check-in.

3. Longevity

It is pleasantly surprising to see how many buyers have commented on this specific suitcase’s robust shell and extended lifespan.

Considering that the durability of Safari Thorium isn’t something that is typically lauded, this is a pleasant surprise. 

This may be due to the extra reinforcements that have been added to every corner of the suitcase.

These reinforcements serve as shock cushions for any knocks that the bag sustains when it is being transported.

4. Maneuverability

The Safari Thorium is designed to make your life easier while traversing airports and other transit hubs.

Its four-wheel 360-degree spinners provide a steady drag without a bump and enable easy movement. So you don’t have to worry about awkwardly maneuvering your luggage. 

On top of this, it features a retractable telescoping handle that locks in place, allowing you to grab hold of it and easily pull your bag along with you as you move through the terminal. This durable handle can also be tucked away during travel for convenience. 

5. Outer Shell Construction

One of the top-selling points is its exterior; it’s made from Polycarbonate, which makes it incredibly strong and resistant to scratches.

Oftentimes, suitcases in this price range are made from fabric, but with the Safari Thorium, you’re getting a much more hard-wearing material at an affordable rate. 

Polycarbonate suitcases have many advantages over other types of luggage. They are not only more lightweight than plastic and aluminum, but they are also tougher and more resistant to scratching. 

Thanks to their innovative ABS construction, the suitcases can stand up to a lot of wear and tear without losing their sheen. Cleaning is easy; just wipe off with a damp cloth, and no drying time will be needed. 

6. Interior Construction

The outer hard-shell case is designed for maximum capacity and organization. It opens down the middle to reveal two equal-sized segments that make packing a breeze.

One segment is zippable, giving extra security to your important items, while any clothing in the other segment can be held securely in place with elastic compression straps. 

This unique feature allows you to fit as much as possible into the suitcase without needing to worry about wrinkling clothing or jam-packing your belongings into a small space.

Safari says that you can easily fit inside the Thorium four sets of shirts, one coat, two sets of pants, one pair of shoes, and a travel grooming bag. This means that you can easily take this suitcase on trips by yourself or with your family. 

Just remember, this suitcase doesn’t have any separate places to keep your things. You can only put things in the two wide compartments.

7. Product Warranty

Investing in a Safari Thorium suitcase comes with peace of mind and reliability, as it is backed by a five-year warranty.

If your suitcase has manufacturer defects that appear within the period of the warranty, then you can have them fixed free of charge. 

However, this warranty only applies if the damage to the suitcase was not caused by an airline or the owner themselves. 

It is highly recommended to check your suitcase upon purchase to make sure it works properly before use, so you know any issues down the line would be covered under warranty. In cases where extensive repair work is necessary, a new one may even be provided in exchange.

8. Value

When you consider the price of the suitcase in comparison to all that is included with it, you will see that it is a really good value. The structure as a whole is straightforward, and there are no flashy bells and whistles included. 

Although it’s true that there may have been a nicer design or a USB connector, some people might not have wanted those things. There is a cost increase associated with the addition of such characteristics.

The polycarbonate, anti scratch coating, and textured exterior shell are fantastic features, especially considering the price tag. This extends the life of the suitcase as a whole, and you won’t need to stress about replacing it at any time in the near future. The dimension is also fantastic in relation to the price. 

What Makes This Suitcase Stand Out?

One of the features that this suitcase has is a number lock which will give you peace of mind while you travel.

You don’t have to be constantly thinking about the safety of your belongings. That said, the number lock is not TSA-approved, and hence it is a fixed number lock.

Moreover, this suitcase also comes with an extendable arm. The handle on top of the suitcase slides out and back in.

The motion is smooth and easy to follow, and there are different ways to reach different heights. 

The extendable arm of the trolley is made with a robust combination of metal and aluminum, providing it with long-lasting durability.

When this arm is in motion, all the weight of the trolley is supported by it, so there is no wobbling or noise even after regular use – ensuring smooth motion. 

The normal handle below the extendable one is crafted out of hard plastic and can effortlessly bear a load of a filled suitcase. Although for additional support whilst lifting it, it’s best to provide assistance from below as well. 

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Durable hard casing
  • 5 years of international warranty
  • Reinforced molded corners


  • No laptop compartment 
  • Lack of color option
  • Non-TSA lock

So, Should You Buy It?

The Safari Thorium AntiScratch Polycarbonate Suitcase is designed to handle any travel situation with ease.

Its hard shell construction makes it tough enough to resist scratches and other impacts, while its extra roomy interior gives you plenty of packing space.

The 4 spinner wheels provide smooth maneuverability, and the integrated lock allows for secure travel.

In our opinion, this suitcase is best suited for travelers who pack lightly or someone who wants to travel for a weekend.

When we see the quality of the product, Safari Thorium is one of the best that there is. 


In the end, we would like to point out that the Safari Thorium is an extremely simple and practical suitcase, which makes it very appropriate for the price.

There are no issues with the overall design or the straightforwardness of its construction.

If you are looking for a suitcase that is not only fashionable but also scratch-resistant, long-lasting, and sturdy, as well as one that comes with a lock and has a warranty that lasts for 5 years, then the Safari Thorium is the best option for you.