How Much Does It Cost To Have Extra Baggage in Indian Airlines?

If you have ever travelled by airways and panicked over the things you are allowed to take onto your tour after knowing the baggage allowances of different airlines. The latter would seem like a first world problem. Not even kidding! Ten years ago, passengers travelling

Which is Better Samsonite or Swiss Gear – 2021

When faced with a wide range of luggage options like Best Buy, it can be difficult to decide which brand to choose. So this article will reveal the comparison between luggage from two of Best Buy’s most popular brands: Samsonite and Swiss Gear. What’s Guaranteed

How Does a Chimney Work?

Nowaays, almost all households have a kitchen chimney. They keep your kitchen clean and make your cooking experience better. Have you ever wondered how does a chimney work? Well, there is a very efficient and effective system to make this appliance work. All the heat,

Best Kitchen Chimney Under 10000 In India 2021 Review

With all that oil and spices that go into Indian food, it is imperative to have a chimney in the kitchen. Nowadays, almost all kitchens are having high-grade appliances that can make cooking more seamless. When you are planning for a new kitchen or opting

Best Microwave Oven Under 15000 in India 2021

Microwave Ovens have become a handy appliance in our day to day life these days. It is used not only for reheating food like earlier but also for other purposes like baking, fermentation, defrosting, grilling, etc. This microwaves not only cooks food faster but it

How To Bake A Cake in Microwave

Cakes! What comes to your mind after hearing this? As soon as I hear someone saying cakes, my cravings start for it and want to eat it at the movement (well am actually a cake lover). I guess this might be a case for most

#9 Best Coffee Makers in India To Buy in 2021

Are you missing your office’s morning cup of coffee ? No worries, as you can now enjoy your favorite flavor coffee even at home in a short time, which will make you feel as if you are in your office. There are various brands available

Best Coffee Bean Grinder in India 2021 Review

Many of you love to drink coffee at any time, be it a day or night. If you are at your workplace, you will get it ready-made, but when you are at home, you will have to make it yourself. To make coffee, you either

Why Caffeine is Not Good for Pregnant?

Pregnancy is that phase of life which brings you tons of happiness and at the same time a little bit of worry regarding caring for your baby in the womb. There are various food items and beverages that have to be avoided during pregnancy, and