Akasa Airlines Baggage Allowance 2023

Akasa Airlines is a relatively new airline that was founded in 2021 with the intention to provide passengers with a higher quality travel experience while staying affordable at the same time.

Based in New Delhi, India this airline offers domestic flight to various destinations in India. Akasa Airlines currently operates a fleet of 19 Boeing 737 Max 8s and has plan to expand in the near future both their fleet and to start international flights by end of 2023.

If you’re planning on using Akasa Airlines for your travels and ended up having a few questions about their baggage policies then you should read this article, below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Akasa Airlines baggage allowance.

Akasa Airlines Baggage Allowance Domestic

When it comes to domestic flights within India, each passenger can bring one piece of cabin baggage and are allowed one piece of check in baggage.

Cabin Luggage or Carry-on Baggage

Cabin luggage, also known as carry-on baggage refers to the bags and items that passengers can bring with them into the aircraft cabin.

Akasa Airlines allows each passenger to bring one piece of baggage weighing up to 7 kilograms (15 pounds). This can be a small cabin trolley bag or any other item that’s similar.

Along with the cabin luggage, you are also allowed to bring one personal item such as ladies handbag or laptop bag.

The cabin luggage should not exceed 115cms (L+W+H) and must be able to fit in the overhead compartment.

Keep in mind that any baggage that exceed 7 kilograms in weight will be subject to additional fees.

Check in Baggage

Checked baggage refers to the luggage or bags that passenger’s hand over to the airline during the check-in process at the airport.

Akasa airlines, like most airlines requires all passengers to check in their baggage before boarding the flights.

It’s important to make sure that you’re checked in bags comply with Akasa’s weight and size limits to avoid any additional fees, passengers are allowed to bring one piece of checked baggage weighing up to 15kg.

The dimension of the check in baggage shouldn’t be more that 158cm (Length 55 cms + Width 35 cms + Height 25 cms).

Akasa Airlines Baggage Allowance for Infant

If you’re bringing an infant on board, it’s good to know that each infant is allowed one piece of check in baggage weighing up to 10kg and one collapsible stroller.

On top of that, a diaper bag is allowed to be carried on board as cabin baggage. However, if an infant is traveling on an adult’s lap, they are not entitled to a separate baggage allowance.

Akasa Airlines Baggage Allowance for Students

If you are student and has booked your domestic air ticket under “Student” fare that will offer a 15kg check in baggage allowance, with an additional 10kg allowance.

Akasa Airlines Baggage Allowance for Students

This discount is only eligible for students taking a domestic flight in India and is only open to students between the ages of 12-24 who attend a university or school in India.

Don’t forget to carry your student ID card as it is mandatory and you need to show it at the time of check in at the airport.

Though it is possible to change or refund bookings under student fare, but name changes are not permitted.

It’s also good to note that this discount can’t be used to combine with other offers and will be subject to Akasa Airlines availability.

Akasa Airlines Excess Baggage Charges

As mentioned before, if your baggage exceeds the standard weight or size limit there will be an additional charge for excess baggage fees.

If you pre purchase additional luggage which you can also do 2 hours before your flight the fees look like this.

Pre-purchase Domestic Excess BaggageAmount
3 kgs₹ 1,350
5 kgs₹ 2,250
10 kgs₹ 4,500
15 kgs₹ 6,750
20 kgs₹ 9,000
30 kgs₹ 13,500

If you decide to purchase additional luggage at the airport the baggage fees are ₹ 550 per kg.

If you want to avoid paying excess baggage fees consider packing light and weighting your baggage before going to the airport.

Akasa Airlines Lost or Delayed Baggage Policy

Sometimes loss situations do happen, which is why Akasa Airlines has partnered with Blue Ribbon Bag to offer a lost or delayed baggage service.

This service makes it easier to track and expedite the return or any lost or delayed baggage.

The service costs a fee of ₹96 but if your baggage is missing or delayed beyond 96 hours, you are eligible to be compensated up to ₹19,000 per bag.

To file a claim, passengers are told to obtain an airline tracking reference from Akasa Air and file a delayed or lost baggage report with Blue Ribbon Bags within 24 hours of the flight landing.

Passengers are also able to receive real time status updates with email and SMS to be kept in the loop on the status of their bags.

Akasa Airlines Prohibited or Restricted Items

There are few items that aren’t allowed in check in baggage at all for Akasa Airlines. These include items that are flammable, explosive, and any corrosive materials.

You also can’t bring firearms or ammunition, though that typically goes without saying.

On top of that, any perishable items like food or flowers are usually not allowed as well.

There are some more items that are not allowed in checked in baggage.

  • Compressed gasses such as oxygen and propane.
  • Radioactive materials such as uranium and plutonium.
  • Poisonous and infectious materials including pesticides and bacteria cultures.

If any of these prohibited items are found in your baggage, they will be removed and disposed of by airport security. You may also be subject to fines or legal action for attempting to bring prohibited items on the flight.

We hope you have clearly understood Akasa Airlines baggage allowance or policy. Make sure to always review the airlines policies and restrictions if there’s something you’re unsure of to ensure a smooth and safe travel experience.