Samsonite or Swiss Gear Which is Better?

When faced with a wide range of luggage options like Best Buy, deciding which brand to choose can be challenging. So this article will reveal the comparison between luggage from two of Best Buy’s most popular brands: Samsonite and Swiss Gear.

What’s Guaranteed

Let us first talk about the same for both. They both are high-quality luggage brands that last a long time. Each set includes all hard sides luggage pieces, perfect for preventing your luggage from being crushed by other luggage or accidental TSA personnel.

The one-way wheel was one of the most significant types of pee. And now, when the 360-degree wheels become essential, both brands have 360-degree spins, and you’ll love them. They are so popular these days that you will almost certainly find any middle-class piece for high-quality luggage.


Samsonite, the best luggage brand, has played an essential role in the history of luggage. Even before the birth of many founders of popular luggage brands today, Samsonite had already given a big name. The first case of Samsonite, founded by Jesse Schweder in Denver, Colorado, in 1910, was initially called Samson. The Samsonite brand was only used in 1941 and was finally officially operated under the name Samsonite in 1966. The company was initially founded in the United States but now has its headquarters in Luxembourg and trades in shares in Samsonite in Hong Kong.

Without a doubt, Samsonite is one of the most popular brands of bags. It has become a popular name, and every traveler needs a Samsonite suitcase at some point or at least to know who owns a Samsonite. Samsonite products range from large travel bags to small backpacks and shoulder bags. We use materials such as metal, plastic, and cloth. The name has become synonymous with durability and strength, and every Samsonite buyer always has it on their list of luggage set options.

Samsonite Pensky expandable luggage set includes:

  • 20 ” (39.2L) measures 21.5 ” and 2.82 kg
  • 24 ” (68.1 L) measures 26.67 ” and 3.84 kg
  • 28 ” (101.9 l) measures 30 ” and 4.86 kg

Expandable Hard Sides – Samsonite, born in Canada, celebrated his 60th birthday last year (2016). Therefore, you can see that the line has long-lasting durability and reliability. But despite that legacy, what immediately will surprise you about this Samsonite Pinsky 3-piece hard side expandable rotary suitcase set is that it looked antique.

Colors – If you love teal and turquoise, this set may be what you have been waiting for for the rest of your life. But if you’re still thinking about the luggage under your grandmother’s bed. This is a soft-side version of this subtle Samsonite range.

Functionality – On the practical side, Samsonite lost a few inches around to match its differentiated design. Overall, this luggage set is heavier than Swiss Gear of the same size (up to 0.5 kg per piece) but has the smallest storage space by volume.

Stability and Technology – Pinsky wheels are so generous that this set is stable but a little more complex to move than a Swiss Gear Set. Technically, this set does not contain RFID-blocking liners or TSA-approved locks but can be extended.

Swiss Gear

Swiss Gear’s best luggage brand is its parent company, Wenger. Victorinox AG acquired Victorinox AG in 2021, and Wenger is known as the Swiss military’s manufacturer of knives, watches, tableware, and travel items. Swiss Gear is known for its wide range of backpacks sold to those looking for an outdoor adventure. The Swiss Gear brand is also known for its incredible durability, so many people opt for bags for everyday use.

In addition to backpacks, Swiss Gear has also entered the luggage market with ideal luggage sets for all types of travelers. Although simple in design, it is durable and elegant, so you can store your belongings safely while traveling with this Swiss travel bag.

The Swiss gear Extra Bagans II expandable luggage set includes:

  • 20 ” (45.03L) measures 21.5 ” and 2.8 kg
  • 85.98 l (24 inches) measures 26.5 inches and 4 kg
  • 28 ” (125.74L) measures 30 ” and 4.75 kg

Functionality – Swiss Gear Extra Baggage is significantly more modern and has a smoother function than the other products mentioned in this luggage comparison. We are incredibly grateful for the attention to detail in the design of the Swiss Gear solid exoskeleton. This set has a rectangular edge and a stunning logo engraved on the back of the piece, while other collections such as the brand’s EVO II series offer swirl details and visible particles.

Size – In terms of size, the Swiss Gear Extravagance II set has more surface area than the Samsonite line, but the truth is that each piece is shorter than the corresponding size in the other range.

It turns out that the Swiss Gear luggage is smaller than average. This is the reason why Swiss Gear luggage is shorter than most luggage. Low distance is not ideal for snow, but it works well at airports and bus stops. These glide on the ground like a snowboarder.

Technology – In general, Swiss Gear technology is also fundamental, with no RFID screens or TSA-approved locks. However, this set can be expanded, and each piece inserts easily as waterproof. (Elements that are not waterproof usually work well in environments where they can be sprayed.)

Finally, this luggage comparison describes your favorite luggage set to date, the Hardside 4-wheel expandable Swiss gear Extra Bagans II luggage set. You’ll love this luggage set as it is easy to use and lift, and the paint is excellent.

Which is better

You’ll like the Swiss Bag Extra Bagans II luggage set in the broad view. Swiss gear provides ease of use and more luggage space. However, it’s on the pricier end of things. On the other hand, the other brand, i.e., Samsonite provides wheel stability. The best thing about Samsonite is that its products remain within reach of the public. Whatever your budget or destination, there is a Samsonite for you. But remember that each brand has its strengths, so the choice must be based on your needs and budget.