Top 7 Best Trolley Bags Under 3000

Planning to visit some stunning destinations? Well, you need a companion that can make your journey easy and enjoyable. Whether it is short, long, or any type of vacation tour, traveling light will blow away the cobwebs.

You must be wanting to free yourself from the additional travel stress that comes with carrying luggage bags. All you need is a trolley bag that is spacious enough to satisfy your essential travel needs while being chic enough to let you travel in style.

Nevertheless, we are going to tell you about the best trolley bags under Rs 3000 to let you have your journey in your element.

By the end of the article, you will surely find the “one” for you, so don’t skip out on the details and choose among the best trolley bags for your exciting travel plans.

Coming back to the point, let’s get started with some of the best road warriors in town.

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Trendy Best Trolley Bags Under Rs 3000 in India 2022


#1 Skybags Tropper 55 cm Polycarbonate Hard-Sided Trolley Suitcase

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Four wheels let you glide through airports and train stations with no additional hassle. Although a four-wheeler is slightly heavier than a two-wheeler trolley bag, it will be a lot easier on your body to pull it behind you.

Talking about a four-wheeler trolley bag, Skybags Tropper Blue hard-sided cabin luggage effortlessly slides into out list of best trolley bags in India 2022

How Much Weight Does It Carry?

With this bag, you can easily carry 2360 grams or 28 liters of weight while having easy access to items buried deep beneath the suitcase. Bringing together form and function, this piece measures 38 cm x 21 cm x 55 cm (L x W x H)

Material and Texture of the Bag

Made with Polycarbonate, this hard-sided cabin luggage will take the common knocks and bangs associated with air travel in stride. The cherry on top is the sophisticated blue color giving you good value for your money.

The outer material of this four-wheel trolley bag is textured with a micro-diamond finish for scratch resistance and reduces abrasion visibility.

Other Features

What else? Well, it comes with a TSA lock.

Another factor that makes this blue hard-sided cabin luggage one of the best trolley bags is that it is manufactured with a good 1-year international warranty. A fair deal, right?

In a Nutshell

  • Outer material: Polycarbonate
  • Casing: Hard
  • Color: Blue
  • Capacity: 28 liters / 2360 grams
  • Dimensions: 38 cm x 21 cm x 55 cm (L x W x H)
  • Closure: Zipper
  • Warranty: 1 Year International Warranty

#2 AmazonBasics 78 cm Black Hardsided Check-in Trolley

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Let’s proceed with another four-wheeler in the market. AmazonBasics’s top-of-the-line 78 cm black hard-sided check-in trolley features a hard casing with a strong outer material of Polycarbonate.

The bag is crafted to suit the style sensibilities of the modern traveler, which is evident from its features, making it suitable for use as an international cabin suitcase or trips lasting longer than a week.

Longing for peace of mind regarding packing your stuff?

Mate, you have got AmazonBasics’s hard-sided check-in trolley featuring a fully-lined interior with a handy divider and zippered pocket for easy organizing and accessibility for smaller items and accessories.

And guess what? You also don’t have to worry about your clothes wrinkling, especially during long-haul flights.

Capacity of the Bag

The internal capacity of the bag starts at 105 liters, but that’s not all. You can even expand the bag up to 15% to get the additional packing capacity.

The beauty and genius of AmazonBasics’s hard-sided check-in trolley lie in the details. Made of extra-thick abs, the bag provides enhanced strength, durability, and a scratch-resistant finish.

The suitcase offers complete 360-degree mobility and smooth-rolling for comfort carrying.

In a Nutshell

  • Manufacturer: Samsonite South Asia Pvt. Ltd.
  • Weight‏: 3 kg 540 g
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 49 x 32.49 x 78 cm; 5.54 Kilograms
  • Warranty: 1 Year international warranty
  • Capacity: 105 liters along with 15% expansion capacity

What Do People Have to Say about AmazonBasics 

According to the most popular reviews, the bag looks good, weighs light, and if you want to pack all things in one suitcase, you can definitely go for it. Users are also impressed with the quality of the material used in the bag.

Other than that, it is sturdy and provides a decent amount of space and durability, making it worth the money you will be spending on it.

#3 American Tourister Ivy 68cm Black Hardsided Check-in Luggage

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The iconic American Tourister Ivy Polypropylene check-in trolley bag ensures that your items stay sage and intact. We are sure you would be as much amazed to know as we was upon learning that the bag meets the most dramatic carry on size requirements.

Extra Packing Space 

We all know how last-minute shopping is so hard to adjust to the already filled bags, but this America Tourister’s masterpiece, you don’t have to worry anymore. The bag provides extra packing space to accommodate your additional stuff.

TSA Lock 

You can totally chill out over your security concerns because American Tourister’s Ivy Polypropylene check in trolley bag comes with a color matched 3 digit recessed TSA lock.

Remain in Style 

The color coordinated components of the bad bring a rick look to the bag so that you can always remain in style wherever you go. During our research we found this trolley bag is definitely has made it deservingly into the category of the best trolley bags under Rs 3000

Made with scratch and impact-resistant material, the exteriors are both practical as they are understatedly chic.

If you are fashion-conscious, this is your opportunity to make a statement with this trolley bag detailed with beauty and genius.

In a Nutshell 

  • Manufacturer: ‎ Samsonite South Asia Pvt. Ltd
  • Weight:3 kg 540 g
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH ‏:47 x 26 x 68 Centimeters
  • Warranty: 3 Years International Warranty

#4 Nasher Miles Fifth Avenue Cabin, Expander, Hard Sided, Polycarbonate , Grey 55cm Trolley Bag

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Here we are with yet another selection from the best trolley bags under Rs 3000. Nasher Miles fifth avenue hard-sided polycarbonate luggage is designed with the combination of savoir-faire and technical expertise from the makers.

Its lightweight hard sided cabin luggage is the nod to the future of travel. The 20-inch trolley bag is perfect for weekend gateway or as an international carry-on.

Strength and Resistance

The hard ABS shell of the trolley is crafted using a composite film of Polycarbonate with high impact strength and head distortion resistance. This further increases the durability of the bag by protecting it from attacks by chemicals and abrasion.

Protection Offered by the Bag

TSA locks come standard across the range, which implies that agents can access your bags when needed at the airport. Rest assured that your belongings will remain safe from malicious intrusions. No keys are required.

Spacious Interior with Expander Option 

Along with its already spacious interior, the bag gives you an expander option of up to 25% more packing capacity when needed.

The contemporary travel bag will be a constant companion as you travel across the globe, making it one of the best trolley bags in India 2022

In a Nutshell 

  • Manufacturer: Nasher Miles
  • Weight‏:3 kg 240 g
  • Warranty: 2 Years warranty (You can also apply for 6 months extended warranty)
  • Dimensions LxWxH:33 x 24 x 55 Centimeters

What Do People Have to Say About Nasher Miles 

Going through our research about this trolley bag we found, people are singing the praises of the quality, flexibility, and sturdiness of the bag. You should be expecting no less than first-class travel experiences.

You will feel that the wheel movement is incredibly smooth and would seem almost frictionless. If you are looking for the best trolley bags, the quality stuff is right there.

#5 Kamiliant by American Tourister 68 cm Ash Blue Hard Sided Check-in Luggage

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Made of resilient polypropylene material, this Kamiliant Kiza by American Tourister should be a feature on anybody’s list of best trolley bags under Rs 3000. The impressive casing ensures that your items stay safe and intact.

Smooth Movements of the 4 Spinner Wheels

The wheel with smooth movements brings ease from the time you check-in to the time you settle into your accommodations. It would remain super easy to maneuver, as the 4 spinner wheels require pretty much zero effort to move around. Believe us when we say that you can even practice 360 degrees upright turns in any direction with just a light touch of your finger.


The bag is wear-resistant an

d water-resistant, meaning your case will look great even after making multiple tours.


Weighing in 3.22 kilograms, the Kamiliant Kiza polypropylene ash blue hard-sided check-in luggage is one of the most practical, durable, and best trolley bags out there.

Available in 47 x 28 x 68 cm with the sophisticated ash blue color and dual texture, this Kamiliant Kiza by American Tourister is supercool suitcase at a premium price.

Capacity and Warranty

Perhaps the most impressive thing is its capacity of 71 liters or 3220 grams, letting you carry plenty of personal belongings. The bag is definitely a great option for anyone planning an international tour.

With its stylish designs, ultra-lightweight properties, and an immense three years international warranty, the Kamiliant Kiza polypropylene ash blue hard-sided check-in luggage makes it to the list of best trolley bags in India 2022.

In a Nutshell

  • Weight: 3 kg 220 g
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H‏: 47 x 28 x 68 Centimeters
  • Warranty: 3 Year international warranty

What Do People Have to Say About Kamiliant Kiza 

The customers are generally impressed by the quality, appearance, material, and durability of the bag. According to the reviews, the bag fulfills the promise of being lightweight yet getting the job done.

If you can get this much value for a reasonable price, what is stopping you from making this valuable purchase?

#6 Swiss Gear ABS 55 cm Black Hard Sided Cabin Luggage

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This wont be an exaggeration to say that Swiss Gear black hard-sided cabin luggage is one of the best looking pieces from the band. The hard ABS outer material in the black color is water-resistant.

This beauty has fully capacity designs that offer tons of space for your belongings. This four spinner wheels bag can hold 39.4 liters of belongings into two compartments, the interior provides packing space not offered by many other luggage makers.

For security purposes, the Swiss Gear black hard-sided cabin luggage comes with a number lock. Thus, you will get safety and peace of mind while in transit. The makers recommend the bag to wash manually.

In a Nutshell 

  • Manufacturer: Swiss Gear
  • Weight: 2 kg 800g
  • Warranty: 3 Years International Warranty

What Do People Have to Say About This Trolley Bag

We don’t think that anyone can prove the credibility of a product better than the customer themselves. In the words of a user,

“What would you expect in 2500INR? It’s a lot better than those bags being sold at or around the same price. This one is real value for money. Just go for it.” (Review from

Another customer who got the delivery of this beautiful-looking cabin bag thinks that the product is fantastic and unbelievably good for the price they have paid. The quality also looked top-notch, including the wheels, which roll smoothly and give high maneuverability.

Generally, the people who have purchased the Swiss Gear black hard-sided cabin luggage highly recommend the product. In their words,

“At the price, it is offered, it is an absolute grab!!” (Review from

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#7 Safari Thorium Sharp Antiscratch 66 Cms Polycarbonate Black Check-In 4 wheels Hard Suitcase

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This suitcase is an absolute stunner! It also wheels well and has plenty of space to keep your belongings. You can even drop some souvenirs during your return journey.

Matchless Durability

Made from Plolycarbonate, the case itself offers matchless durability throughout its lifetime. Unlike some other hard-shell cases in the town, the Safari Thorium sharp anti-scratch black check-in suitcase is wear-resistant.


Finally, the designers at Swiss Gear have been thoughtful enough to include a holding capacity of 81.9 liters. Safari Thorium sharp Anti-scratch black check-in suitcase measures 46 cm x 27 cm x 66 cm (L x W x H).

Smooth Maneuverability 

The four spinner wheels are small yet really smooth and effective. The handle feels sturdy enough to take the weight of your case. The 4-wheeler setup will prevent the bag from tipping. You won’t have to feel the embarrassment of a falling suitcase while you wait in line to check-in.

Available in black color, it makes one of the best trolley bags under Rs 3000 with a fashionable edge.

In a Nutshell

  • Manufacturer: Safari Industries (India) Ltd
  • Weight: 5 Kilograms
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H‏: 41 x 25 x 66 cm
  • Warranty: 5 Year international warranty

What Do People Have to Say About This Trolley Bag 

There is not much left to say when the customers themselves become the voice of the product. For instance, this customer on Amazon found Safari Thorium sharp Anti-scratch black check-in suitcase to be a good quality product with a nice matte finish texture (anti-scratch), sturdy and reasonable.

As claimed by the company, the wheels are handles of the bag capable of handling heavyweights. Overall, the users are quite happy and satisfied with the purchase.

In a Word

Researching the best trolley bag for your domestic or international travel will be time-consuming, especially when you have so many options between different brands. It is hard to know where to start and which one to choose.

Now that you have gone through the article, it will save you from the hassle. You can pick up from any of the above-mentioned best trolley bags under Rs 3000, and they would most certainly stand the test of a lifestyle of constant travel- at a fair price!


How to choose a suitcase for travel? 

Neither are you looking for a Rs 10,000+ or Louis Vuitton trolley bag nor a cheap one-trip throw away. It must be some quality luggage at a reasonable price.

Before getting into the best trolley bags for travel, let’s consider a few things.

Do you need a suitcase for flying, road trips or for cruising?

If you are going on an airline, prefer the size and weight you can life into your car, upstairs, check-in, etc. Or, if it’s for road trips, make sure that it fits comfortably into the storage compartment of your vehicle. While going cruising, opt for a flat, rigid trolley bag that will fit in your cabin

What are the best suitcase sizes?

You won’t like to have four different trolley bags for different travel plans. The midways to get the one that is most practical for all occasions.

Some of you might also have kids, so you must opt for a size that you can manage comfortably and grow into over the years.

Also, airlines are getting tougher these days regarding size restrictions and weight limits, and, above all, the excess baggage fees!

One thing is for sure, the bigger the bag, the more stuff you tend to fill it with. So, the best way is to get a check-in bag for yourself and a check-in size for your kids.

Other factors that also need to be taken into consideration are:

  • Type of the trip
  • Duration of the trip
  • Packing habits
  • Destinations
  • Budget

What size suitcase do I need for two weeks?

We would recommend opting for a medium to large size for such a duration so that you are ready for unpredicted situations.

Which brand is best for trolley bags?

Here is a quick list of the brands to get the best trolley bags under Rs 3000 according to the customers and the experts:

  • Skybags
  • AmazonBasics
  • American Tourister
  • Nasher Miles
  • Kamiliant
  • Swiss Gear
  • Safari

How to pack a suitcase?

As much as this question seems simple, it carries a science within. Keeping it short, the size increases the tendency to put more of your stuff in it. The best advice is to lay out what you think you will need and then cut down while thinking twice about everything you want to put in your bag.


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