What items are not allowed on a plane in hand luggage India?

There is nothing worse than starting a trip badly. When we have a problem at the airport, and we have to throw or leave something that we cherish on the ground, the joy is tarnished, and the tensions increase. It is essential to be very clear about what cannot be carried on the plane to prevent complications.

The list of forbidden objects in the cabin, in hand luggage, and even in the hold (in the suitcase you send), is extensive and the ideal is to review it well.

For newbies, we highlight a tip: do not try to carry the forbidden things by hiding them somewhere or disguising them. Security scanners detect everything, and if they find you want to do something wrong, they will take it out of you. It is not negotiated: it does not matter if it is memory, if it is essential to you, valuable, etc. The security forces keep it.

What cannot be carried on the plane?

First, we will specify which items are prohibited in hand luggage and the hold, and then clarify doubts about which ones you can carry without problems.

Sharp or Sharp Objects: Do not carry any pointed or sharp object in hand luggage: scissors, penknives, knives, cutters, pliers, corkscrew, razor blades, etc. Also, no ice skates or ski and hiking poles.

Weapons and devices that fire projectiles of any kind are prohibited. It would help if you even had a special permit to travel with any of them in your checked bag. All reproductions of firearms, including toy guns, are also on the list of objects not allowed in hand luggage.

Chemical and Toxic Substances: Nothing which contain  radioactive or flammable materials, no poisons, no pepper spray, tear gas, acid mists, or animal repellents.

Lighters, matches, pyrotechnics, sparklers and similar items may not be carried.

Liquids: Liquids cannot be carried in hand luggage. Any liquid over 100 ml. It will be requisitioned at the security control, so it is important to bring what you need in small bottles, like the ones from the hotel.

Creams: In general, if it is a small pot, there are usually no problems. But, if they take it away, there is no right to kick it because it is listed in most airports.

Perfumes: you can only take those bought in the Free Shop, closed and in the corresponding bag. Have your receipt handy. No other perfume can be in the handbag unless it is minimal (sample type).

Tools: Hammers, drill bits, drills, saws, staple guns, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, wrenches or torches cannot be carried in the cabin.

Clarifying Frequent Doubts:

You cannot bring deodorant spray on the plane. If necessary, take a bar.

You can take food on the plane if we talk about cookies, sweets or other packaged products. But they won’t let you bring drinks. Only baby milk is allowed, which will be controlled.

Mate equipment can be carried on the plane but without water. The thermos should be empty. If you are lucky enough that the hostess shares hot water, you can enjoy it. There is no problem with the herb.

Alcohol cannot be carried on the plane in hand luggage. If you have it in the suitcase you send, no problem.

If you travel with a sports item, it is essential to consider what is allowed and what is not. And, at the same time, what things have an extra cost, something that you should check with the airline.

The following are prohibited in hand luggage:

  • Golf and hockey sticks.
  • Baseball and softball bats.
  • Kayak and canoe paddles.
  • Fishing rods or pool cues.
  • Equipment for martial arts.

Skateboard: Can not go in the cabin unless it is folded and stored. If it has a battery or is electric, you may not even be able to ship it to the warehouse.


What items are considered dangerous?

For security reasons, and depending on the nature of the objects, certain items cannot be transported as hand luggage or with yourself, and even some cannot be checked as checked baggage.

What can I transport as hand luggage?

With your safety in mind and to avoid movements on board, we recommend that you deliver your hand luggage at the check-in counters free of charge.

For security measures, the transport of objects such as scissors or fine-tipped umbrellas, knives and all kinds of sharp items must be checked in as luggage, never transported as hand luggage. Safety or disposable razors are allowed in the cabin as long as they are encapsulated in the cartridge.

How can I check the measurements of my hand luggage?

There are gauges in the airport check-in area (from Iberia or the airport) where you can check if your hand luggage complies with the established regulations (56cm x 40cm x 25cm) to transport it with you in the cabin of the plane.

Can I carry liquids in hand luggage?

According to the current AVSEC ORDER, there are limitations regarding liquids and similar substances. You can transport as hand luggage in the plane’s cabin for all customers departing from any airport in India, Union Europe, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Brazil, USA and South Africa.

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