What is Blue Line in Delhi Metro? 

The Delhi Metro has different color lines, each serving a specific purpose. The Blue Line is one of the most critical lines in the Delhi Metro system, connecting major parts of Delhi. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Blue Line in Delhi Metro!

Delhi Blue Line Metro Route 

The Blue Line Metro route is one of the busiest metro lines in the Delhi Metro system and extends from Sector 21 of Dwarka to Noida Electronic City in Uttar Pradesh. 

The Blue Line metro route segment links the Ghaziabad neighborhood of Vaishali to the Yamuna Bank. 

Also, you should know that the Blue Line Metro route spans two essential metro lines, which are Line 3 (57Km) & 4 (9Km)

The Blue Line was the second longest Delhi Metro line and was inaugurated in December 2005. 

The Blue Line Metro route has a total of 57 metro stops. While there are 50 metro stations from Dwarka Sector 21 to Noida Electronic City on Line 3, there are seven stations along Line 4. 

Blue Line Metro Route Extension

The Delhi Metro system has proven to be the mainstay for Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) commuters. In addition to its existing routes, it regularly develops and adds new ways in phases. 

The Blue Line will be extended to reach new areas, providing better access for residents and workers. 

Some of the stations which will be added by 2025 in Blue Line 3 (also called Main Line) are:

  • Sahibabad
  • Vasundhara Sector 4
  • Shakti Khand
  • DPS Indirapuram
  • Vaibhav Khand
  • Dwarka Sector 111,1, and 23A

Blue Line 4 will have an extension towards stations Vaishali, Vasundhara Sector 14, and Mohan Nagar. So if you live in one of these areas, your fate is set for the blue line metro route!

Delhi Metro Blue Line Map

For those visiting Delhi for the first time, the blue line of the Delhi metro consists of two segments. 

While Line 3 operates between Noida Electronic City and Dwarka Sector, Blue Line 4 operates between Yamuna Bank and Vaishali. 

The second Blue Line branch extends from Yamuna Bank to Vaishali in Ghaziabad. This route has eight stops, and the stretch provides convenient access to Ghaziabad, UP.

Delhi Metro Blue Line Timings

Blue Line Metro is your answer if you are wondering how to reach your loved ones in Delhi during the odd hours.

The Blue Line Metro runs from 05:30 in the morning till 11:30 PM, making it the most convenient mode of transport for the early risers and the night owls.

However, the arrival time of the first train might vary from station to station. The blue line Metro timings also vary during peak and regular hours daily. 

Nevertheless, you can rest assured that the blue line metro will get you to your destination well within time. So go ahead and make use of this convenient transport mode.

Delhi Metro Blue Line Fares

The Delhi metro is affordable compared to other transportation options. You have to pay according to the distance you travel. 

So, if your office is far away, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot on your commute.

If you want to save money, check the fare chart and plan your commute accordingly. 


Delhi Metro Fare

Time Limit (in Minutes)


Sunday and National Holiday

0-2 Km

Rs 10

Rs 10

65 Minutes

2-5 Km

Rs 20

Rs 10

5-12 Km

Rs 30

Rs 20

12-21 Km

Rs 40

Rs 30

100 Minutes

21-32 Km

Rs 50

Rs 40

180 Minutes

More Than 32 Km

Rs 60

Rs 50

Delhi Metro Blue Line Fares

You can pay for your tickets or card using tokens, smart cards, National Common Mobility Card (NCMC), or QR code-based ticketing.

If you are a regular commuter, we suggest you go for the smart card option as it is pretty hassle-free.

You can recharge it when required and use it to pay for your journey. Although you are new to the city and metro services, you can explore all the options and decide for yourself at your convenience.


Where does the Blue line of the Delhi Metro run?

The blue line connects Dwarka Sector 21 to Noida Electronic city and Yamuna bank to the Vaishali neighbourhood in Ghaziabad.

Are DMRC cards accepted on the Blue line?

Yes, DMRC cards are accepted on the Blue line.

 Is the blue line the longest metro line?

No, the blue line is the second-longest metro line in Delhi, after the pink line.


If you are wondering how to reach your destination without facing the wrath of traffic, then the Metro is your answer. It is fast, efficient, and quite affordable. So, next time you are planning to beat the heat and avoid the traffic, take the Blue Line Metro!