Vikhroli Station QR Code

Below is the vikhroli station qr code image that you can scan it using the UTS app to conveniently book your ticket.

Vikhroli Station QR Code

About Vikhroli Railway Station

Vikhroli Railway Station, which was first opened in 1947, is a vital suburban railway station situated on the Central line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway network.

With its four platforms, Vikhroli Railway Station serves as an important transportation hub for commuters traveling to and from Vikhroli and surrounding areas.

The station is situated between Ghatkopar and Kanjurmarg Railway Stations on the Central line, and is well-connected to various parts of Mumbai.

Vikhroli Station Pin Code

The pin code for Vikhroli Railway Station is 400079

Vikhroli Station Code

The station code for Vikhroli Railway Station is (VK)


Which station is near to Vikhroli?

The nearest station to Vikhroli is Ghatkopar station

How to go Mumbai Central from Vikhroli?

The easiest way to travel Mumbai Central or CSMT from Vikhroli is taking local train via Lower Parel.

How far is Vikhroli station from cipla?

Approx 2-4min walk

How many platforms are there in Vikhroli station?

There are total 4 platform.