Vashi Station QR Code

Below is the Vashi Station QR Code image that you can scan it using the UTS app to conveniently book your ticket.

About Vashi Railway Station

Vashi Railway Station situated in Navi Mumbai comes under the Harbour Line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway network. The station, which opened in the year 1992, boasts a total of four platforms to cater to the high volume of commuters passing through it.

Vashi Railway Station Code

The station code for Vashi Station is “VA”


Which Stations come after Vashi?

The next station which comes after Vashi is Sanpada Railway Station

How far is Vashi Railway Station from Central Mall?

After coming out from Vashi Railway Station take left and walk for around 4 min you will reach Central Mall.

Vashi Station to Satra Plaza

If you want to go to Satra Plaza from Vashi Station then you need to take auto. There is also sharing auto available just outside the station. The distance between Vashi Station and Satra Plaza is around 3.1km

Which sector is Vashi Station?

Sector 30A