Panvel Station QR Code

Below is the UTS QR code for Panvel Railway Station which you can use to book your local train ticket using the UTS App. This not only saves time but also provides a hassle free experience for commuters.

Panvel Station QR Code

About Panvel Railway Station

Panvel Railway Station is a major railway station in the KonKan region which serves as a major transportation hub for millions of commuters. It is located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra.

Panvel Station is connected to several major highways, including the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Sion-Panvel Expressway, and National Highway 4. This makes it easy for commuters to access the station from neighboring cities and towns.

In addition to road connectivity, Panvel Station is also well-connected by rail. The station is part of the Central Railway network, and serves as a major junction for local and long-distance trains. Commuters can easily travel to other parts of Mumbai, as well as to cities like Pune, Goa, and beyond.

How Many Platforms Are There in Panvel Station?

Panvel Station has a total of 7 platforms, making it one of the busiest and largest railway station in the region.

The station is known for its efficient operations and is a popular choice for commuters travelling to and from Mumbai and Pune.

Panvel Railway Station Code

The station code for Panvel Railway Station is “PNVL”.

This code is commonly used in train schedules, ticket bookings, and other railway related services.

When booking your train ticket, be sure to use the correct station code to ensure that you’re travelling to the right destination.

Panvel Railway Station Contact Number

The contact number for the Panvel Railway Station is +912227452244.

It can be used to book tickets and to inquire about train schedules, routes, and other services like reporting security issues and medical emergencies.

Any complaints or feedback can also be shared through this number.

Types of Trains Operating from Panvel Railway Station

Panvel Railway Station serves a variety of trains, including Mumbai Local Train, Express Train, and Passenger Train.

Some of the most popular trains that operate from Panvel Railway Station includes:

  • KonKan Kanya Express
  • Mandovi Express
  • Deccan Express
  • Sahyadri Express
  • Jan Shatabdi Express