Nearest Metro Station to Palika Bazar

If you’re looking for the nearest metro station to palika bazar, you’ll want to head to Rajiv Chowk Metro Station.

It’s just a few minutes away but, during rush hour platforms can be crowded and you many have to wait a long time for your train.

Whether you’re visiting Delhi for the first time or are a local, be sure to read my guide for better insights on how to make the most of your metro ride.

Metro StationRajiv Chowk Metro StationBarakhamba Metro Station
Distance (By Walking)350 Meters650-700 Meters
LineBlue Line / Yellow LineBlue Line
No. of Gates86
No. of Platforms42
ATM MachineYesYes
Parking FacilityYesYes

How Far is Rajiv Chowk Metro Station from Palika Bazar?

You can reach Palika Bazar from Rajiv Chowk Metro Station in about 5 minutes by foot. Both are exactly 350 meters apart. Depending on your pace, the time taken to cover this distance may vary. However, it is possible to reach Palika Bazar within the given time frame if you walk at a moderate speed.

How to reach Palika Bazar using the Delhi Metro

Blue Line Passenger

There is no need to interchange the metro if you’re coming from the Blue Line and heading towards Noida or Vaishali Metro Station, you can simply exit to Rajiv Chowk station. Then, walk in the direction of the Exit gate which will lead you to Palika Bazar.

Yellow Line Passenger

If you are a passenger on the Yellow Line (which starts from Samaypur Badli and goes towards HUDA City Centre), you don’t need to change the trains. You can simply exit at Rajiv Chowk station and make your way to Palika Bazar.

Red Line Passenger

Exit to Kashmere Gate Metro station if you’re coming from the red line (starts from Rithala station and goes towards Ghaziabad ISBT). Then, you need to take a yellow line train from where you can exit at Rajiv Chowk station and finally reach Palika Bazar.

Note: Ghaziabad ISBT is also known as the New Bus Adda metro station.

Violet Line Passenger

If you are sitting in the violet line (which runs from Raja Nahar Singh station to Kashmere Gate station), you will need to interchange with the yellow line at the Central Secretariat station. After taking the yellow line, you can exit to Rajiv chowk metro station which is nearest to Palika Bazar.

Some tips for first-time visitors to Palika Bazar

Some pickpockets target tourists in Palika Bazar, so it’s important to keep your valuables close and be aware of your surroundings. It is important not to make yourself a target by displaying all of your valuables. It is because if they see everything at once, it will be easy for pickpockets. Keep what matters most to you close and don’t let pickpockets take advantage of you.


Which metro station is near Palika Bazar?

Rajiv Chowk Metro Station.

What is Palika Bazaar famous for? 

Palika Bazaar is most famous for its vast selection of illegal goods. From designer clothing to pirated DVDs, this underground market has it all.

Is Palika Bazar costly?

The market is the place to go for cheaper deals on everything from clothes to electronics. 

Who built Palika Bazar?

Palika Bazar was built by the New Delhi Municipal Committee (NDMC).

Is Palika Bazar air-conditioned?

Yes, the Palika Bazar is air-conditioned.

When was Palika Bazar made?

In the late 1970s.