Nearest Metro Station to Pacific Mall

The nearest metro station to pacific mall is the Subhash Nagar Metro Station, which is located on the Blue Line of the Delhi Metro.

This metro station provides convenient access to the mall and allows visitors to easily travel to and from the mall using the Delhi Metro’s extensive network of trains and stations.

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Metro StationSubhash Nagar Metro Station
Distance (By Walking)200 Meters
LineBlue Line
No. of Gates4
No. of Platforms2
ATM MachineYes
Parking FacilityNo

How Far Is Subhash Nagar Metro Station from Pacific Mall?

The distance between the Subhash Nagar Metro Station and the Pacific Mall is 200 meters. This makes it a short 5 minutes walk from the station to the mall, allowing visitors to easily and conveniently access the mall from the Delhi Metro.

However, if the road is too busy on a particular day, it might take you a few extra minutes to reach the mall from the metro station.

How to Reach Pacific Mall Using the Delhi Metro?

If you’re looking to reach the Pacific Mall in Delhi, India via the Delhi Metro, you’re in luck! The mall is conveniently located near the Subhash Nagar metro station on the Blue Line, but you can also reach it via other metro lines with a transfer.

Let’s take a look at each line:

Blue Line

The Subhash Nagar station on the Blue Line is the closest metro station to Pacific Mall. Simply board a Blue Line metro headed towards Dwarka Sector 21 and get off at Subhash Nagar station. From there, it’s just a short walk of about 200 meters to reach the mall.

Yellow Line

If you’re starting your journey on the Yellow Line, take a train headed towards Samaypur Badli. You’ll need to transfer to Rajiv Chowk station to reach the Blue Line. Once you’re on the Blue Line, follow the steps outlined for the Blue Line to reach Pacific Mall.

Red Line

In case you prefer to take the Red Line, take a metro headed toward Rithala first. After that, you’ll need to transfer to Kassmere Gate station to reach the Blue Line. Once you’re on the Blue Line, simply follow the route, and you will reach Pacific Mall in no time.

Violet Line

To reach Pacific Mall via the Violet Line, first board a metro headed towards Faridabad. On your way, you’ll need to transfer to Rajiv Chowk station to reach the Blue Line. On reaching the Blue Line, just follow the steps outlined for the Blue Line, and you will reach Pacific Mall without any difficulty.

That said, it’s always helpful to have a map or a navigation app to ensure you’re on the right track, but these steps will ensure you reach Pacific Mall efficiently and easily.

Other Nearest Metro Station to Pacific Mall

There are some other metro station which are nearby to Pacific Mall like one station you can consider is Tilak Nagar. It is located about 1km from Pacific Mall and can be reached by using the Blue Line. Plus, it’s easy to catch a bus, auto rickshaw or taxi from the station to the mall.

Another option that you can avail is the Tagore Garden Metro Station. This station is also 1km away from Pacific Mall and is a convenient choice if you’re coming from West Delhi or North Delhi. The Blue Line will take you here.

Like Tilak Nagar, it’s easy to catch a ride to Pacific Mall from Tagore Garden Metro Station. And if you’re driving, you be happy to know that there’s a parking facility at the station.

Last one we have Rajouri Garden Station, same as other this metro station is also 1km away from the Pacific Mall and is served by the Blue Line. And as other metro station this one also have a parking space for your vehicle.

All things said, do not forget that the proximity of these metro stations to Pacific Mall may vary depending on things like traffic and time of day. So, check the latest metro map and schedules to find the quickest route.

Some Tips for First Time Visitors to Pacific Mall

  1. Map it out: Before heading to the mall, get a sense of the area and how to get there, including the nearby Subhash Nagar metro Station.
  2. Know the schedule: Pacific Mall is open from 11 AM to 10 PM, but individual stores may have different hours, so check ahead of time.
  3. Dress for success: You’ll be on your feet a lot, so wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  4. Travel light: You don’t want to lug around a heavy bag all day, so keep it simple and bring only what you need.
  5. Get a deal: Pacific Mall is known for its sales and discounts, so keep an eye out for bargains.
  6. Taste the local flavour: Take a break from shopping and try some of the delicious food at the mall’s food courts and restaurants.
  7. Have a blast: Don’t forget to have fun! Pacific Mall is a great place to shop, eat, and socialize, so enjoy your visit.