Nearest Metro Station to Bharat Darshan Park

If you are visiting for the first time or don’t know the nearest metro station to Bharat Darshan Park, then Punjabi Bagh West Metro Station is the stop you should get down at. 

It has connectivity with the Green Line and Pink Line of Delhi Metro. Hence, making it convenient for you to reach the park without hassle.

Metro Station NameDistanceLineGatesPlatformsContact Number
Punjabi Bagh West Metro Station800-850 metersPink Line / Green Line248448088761

How to reach Bharat Darshan Park by Punjabi Bagh West Metro Station?

To reach Bharat Darshan Park by Punjabi Bagh West Metro Station, I suggest taking an auto or E-Rickshaw from near gate 2 of the Metro station.

What is the distance between the two locations?

The distance between the Bharat Darshan Park and Punjabi Bagh West metro station can vary depending on the road number.

By Foot

If you are coming from road no. 12, the Punjabi Bagh West metro station is about 800 meters and 10 minutes away from Bharat Darshan Park.

But, on the other hand, if you are coming from road no. 41, it is 850 meters and will only take 11 minutes to reach Bharat Darshan Park.

Timing of Punjabi Bagh West Metro Station

The first metro from Punjabi Bagh West station will be at 6:04 AM, and the last metro will be at 10:40 PM. Every 5 minutes, the metro will be available from this station.

What is the ticket price for Bharat Darshan Park?

DetailsBharat Darshan Park Ticket Price (In Rupees)
Children (up to 12 years)50
Senior Citizen (Above 60)150
Children (up to 12 years)75
Senior Citizen (Above 60)75
MCD School StudentsFree Entry
Other School Students40 per Child / 90 per Adult

More Valuable Information

The Bharat Darshan Park in Delhi is a beautiful park that is home to many historical buildings and monuments. The park offers an amazing view of the city and is also home to many species of birds and animals. 

The Bharat Darshan Park has become a popular destination for tourists from all over the world who come here to enjoy their time walking around this wonderful place full of nature’s beauty.


How many monuments are there in Bharat Darshan Park?

You will find 22 replicas of famous historical landmarks made from scrap materials such as old vehicle fan blades, iron rods, nuts, and bolts. It is constructed with 350 tonnes of scrap material lying in the SDMC stores earlier. These monuments include the Qutub Minar, the Taj Mahal, and Char Minar.

When did Bharat Darshan Park open?

In 2019, the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, unveiled an 8-and-half acre park made at an expenditure of 20 crores and is known as ‘Bharat Darshan Park.’

Which metro station is near Bharat Darshan Park?

The Punjabi Bagh West Metro Station is the closest station to Bharat Darshan Park.