Kanjurmarg Station QR Code

Below is the Kanjurmarg Station QR Code image that you can scan it using the UTS app to conveniently book your ticket.

Kanjurmarg Station QR Code

About Kanjur Marg Railway Station

Kanjurmarg is a crucial railway station situated on the Central line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway network. It serves as the primary access point for several prominent locations in Powai, including IIT Bombay, KV IIT Powai, NITIE, Hiranandani Gardens, among others.

The station was inaugurated on the auspicious occasion of 26th January in the year 1968, and it derives its name from the nearby village of Kanjur. And has total three platform as of 2023.

Kanjur Marg Station Code

The station code for Kanjur Marg Railway Station is “KJMG”


Which station comes after Kanjurmarg?

The next station to Kanjurmarg is Bhandup Railway Station

Is kanjurmarg in Thane or Mumbai?

It is located in Mumbai district.