Indigo Baggage Allowance Policy Fully Explained

To get the best of your travel experience using Indigo Airlines, you must understand what and how much a passenger is allowed to bring on board.

Doing this will help you make well-informed decisions and adequate preparation before commencing your journey.

In this article, I will provide you with everything you need to know about Indigo Baggage Allowance, including the amount of hand baggage and checked luggage allowed per passenger.

Indigo Hand Baggage Allowance for Domestic and International

For domestic and international flights, only one hand luggage is allowed per passenger when traveling with Indigo Airline.

The hand luggage carried on board for domestic and international flights should not weigh more than 7kg and should have a dimension of not more than 55cm x 35cm x 25cm.

Passengers may be allowed to carry liquid in their hand luggage, provided they meet the following demands.

  • The liquid will be subject to security checks and scrutiny.
  • The liquid should be in a container with a volume of not more than 100ml
  • All the liquid containers can fit conveniently into a transparent, resealable 1-liter plastic bag.

Indigo Check-In Baggage Allowance for Domestic and International Flights

Checked or check-in baggage is the luggage delivered to an airline for transportation in the plane’s cargo area. In contrast to hand luggage, checked baggage is inaccessible to passengers during the flight.

Indigo airline allows passengers to bring onboard one checked baggage when traveling. Passengers traveling domestically are expected to bring checked luggage weighing less than 15kg.

For international flights, the maximum weight depends on the destination of the passenger, and it varies between 20kg – 40kg

BaggageDomestic FlightsInternational Flights
Hand BaggageOne hand luggage per passenger with a maximum weight of 7 kg and a dimension of not more than 115 cm.Same as domestic
Checked BaggageOne checked baggage per passenger with a maximum weight of 15 kg and a dimension of not more than 158 cm.Depending on the destination. Two-piece checked baggage with a maximum weight of 20 to 30 kg and a dimension of 158 cm.

Indigo Baggage Allowance for Students

Students traveling with Indigo Airlines are offered a discount on their flights and an extra baggage allowance of 10kg.

To meet the above criteria, the student must have a valid student identity card and must be 12 years and above.

Failure to provide a valid identity card at the airport will require the student to pay additional charges.

In addition, to qualify for this offer students must book their flight 7 days before the departure date.

Indigo Baggage Allowance for Armed Forces

Indigo airline only offers a 50% discount on the base fare to defense officers.

This opportunity is open to both serving and retired defense officers. Unfortunately, information regarding any special offer on baggage allowance is not provided on their website.

Indigo Excess Baggage Allowance

Traveling with excess baggage might be unavoidable for some travelers due to the nature of their journey.

This should not be a problem as Indigo Airlines has made provisions for people in such a category.

By booking pre pre-paid excess baggage allowance, 2 hours before the scheduled departure time, passengers will have the opportunity to travel with their excess luggage.

This can be done online on their websites or by using their call centers.

Indigo Excess Baggage Allowance for Domestic Flights

When passengers’ baggage exceeds the weight allocated for a free baggage allowance, they are charged a flat rate of INR 450 per kg if they book for a prepaid excess baggage allowance. This is applicable for both hand luggage and checked luggage.

On failure to book a prepaid excess baggage allowance, passengers will pay a flat rate of INR 550 per kg on arrival at the airport.

Indigo Excess Baggage Allowance for International Flights

Passengers can book for prepaid excess baggage allowance and prepaid additional baggage allowance 2 hours before departure on international trips. The additional baggage allowance is limited to 2 luggage per passenger.

The amount paid for the prepaid excess baggage depends on the destination.

See the latest and updated amount paid to some international destinations below if you are traveling with Indigo Airlines:

Excess BaggageCurrency3kg Prepaid5kg Prepaid10kg Prepaid15kg Prepaid20kg Prepaid30kg PrepaidAt the Airport per kg
India to BangkokINR16562760552082801104016560600
India to DhakarINR16562760552082801104016560600
India to Dubai INR16562760552082801104016560600
India to IstanbulINR33125520110401656022080331201200
India to HongkongINR41406900138002070027600414001500
India to DohaINR16562760552082801104016560600
India to ColomboINR18213035607091051214018210660
India to KathmanduINR15002500500075001000015000550
India to JeddahINR33125520110401656022080331201200
India to KuwaitINR33125520110401656022080331201200
India to YangonINR16562760552082801104016560600

Indigo Special Baggage Allowance

Indigo airline considers certain items as special baggage, and some of them include:

  • Bicycles
  • Surfboards
  • Jewelleries
  • Musical Instruments
  • LED TVs
  • Cartons
  • Golf Bags
  • Skiing Equipment and more

Any baggage submitted as special baggage will be charged a flat fee of INR 1200 for domestic flights and a flat fee of INR 2500 for international flights.

Indigo Baggage Allowance for Led TV

Passengers are allowed to carry a maximum of two televisions as special checked baggage when traveling with Indigo Airlines. The maximum dimension of the television should be 139.7 cm (53 inches).

Indigo Baggage Allowance for Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are allowed to be carried onboard both domestic and international flights by passengers at no extra cost.

Instruments like guitars can easily be packaged in a soft case and carried as hand baggage.

Other instruments like keyboard, violin, drum, piano, etc. have to be properly packed and carried as checked baggage.

Indigo Baggage Allowance for Sport Equipments

Sports equipment can also be carried as special baggage when traveling with Indigo Airlines for both international and domestic flights. Just like I stated before when carrying any sports equipment on board it should be carried as checked baggage.

Alcoholic Beverages Allowance on Indigo

Passengers traveling with Indigo Airlines are permitted to carry onboard an alcoholic drink, provided they follow the regulations given by the airline.

However, the maximum volume of alcoholic drinks allowed as checked baggage is 5 liters.

When carrying an alcoholic drink on board, it should be in retail packaging and the alcohol content of the drink should not be more than 70%.

The maximum volume of 5 liters does not apply if the percentage alcohol content is 24% or less.

Passengers can also carry an alcoholic drink as a piece of hand luggage, provided it was purchased at the airport’s security hold and is placed in a transparent resealable plastic bag.

Prohibited Baggage on Indigo Airlines

Some items pose threats to other passengers and are not allowed as either hand luggage or checked luggage when traveling with Indigo Airlines.

Prohibited Items in Checked Baggage

They include:

  • Bleaching powder and peroxides
  • Insecticides, herbicides, live viruses, and other poisonous and infectious substances
  • Items with an offensive odor
  • Acids, alkali, wet cell batteries, mercury, and other corrosive
  • Compressed gases such as liquid nitrogen and butane oxygen
  • Fireworks, ammunition, and explosives.

Prohibited Items in Hand Baggage

  • Electronic devices
  • Sharp equipment like knives, blades, and scissors.
  • Gun, baton, whips, and other weapons
  • Replica of firearms and ammunition.

Can Baggage Allowance be Combined in Indigo

Passengers traveling in groups can choose to combine the items in their baggage as long as they did not exceed the stipulated baggage allowance.

This is ideal when one or two people in the group have a few items in their luggage, thus providing space for the other group members to add other items.

Indigo Double Seat Baggage Allowance

For a better flight experience, Indigo Airlines introduced a double seat baggage allowance for passengers with extra luggage.

With this new offer, passengers can book two seats for one person and get an extra 10kg baggage allowance.

What this implies is that passengers who took advantage of this offer, will be allowed to carry on board two checked bags, and also have an extra seat to enjoy.

To book an extra seat, passengers must first visit the airline portal 4 hours before departure on an international flight and 2 hours before departure on a domestic flight.

On visiting the booking portal, passengers will have to choose the 6E double seat option, which will be followed by toggling on the add 6E double option and choosing their preferred seats.

Indigo Triple Seat Baggage Allowance

For other passengers, the bigger the space, the more comfort. They don’t mind spending extra to get the luxury of a comfortable and hassle-free flight.

With Indigo triple seat baggage allowance, passengers are opportune to book three seats, i.e the entire row for him or herself.

With this offer, passengers will be allowed to carry an extra 10 kg baggage allowance, which automatically allows them to carry two pieces of checked baggage.

This is an ideal choice for passengers who do not want any form of interaction or distractions throughout their flight.

Indigo Lost Baggage Policy

Indigo airline assures customers of the safe and timely delivery of their checked baggage upon arrival to their destinations. To make this process transparent, they provided an avenue where customers can track the progress of their checked luggage.

Passengers are solely responsible for the safety and carriage of their hand luggage while on board. Indigo airline emphasized that they will not claim liability for any loss or damage to passengers’ hand luggage and personal belongings.

In addition, baggage received by customers on termination of the journey without any complaints will serve as proof that the passenger’s luggage was delivered in good condition.

On no account, should a passenger with a piece of missing or damaged luggage, leave the baggage delivery area without reporting to an Indigo representative. Doing this will automatically exempt the airline from taking responsibility for any liability incurred.


I have gradually come to the end of this article, which is a great feat for you as a prospective traveler.

By now you should have a good understanding of Indigo baggage allowance, both for domestic and international flights.

With the information provided in this article, passengers can now make decisions that can help them have a stress-free flight experience with Indigo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is baggage allowance per person?

Yes. Baggage allowance is the amount of hand baggage and checked baggage allowed when traveling by air per person. For Indigo Airlines, the baggage allowance is a maximum of 7kg of hand baggage per person and a maximum of 15kg (for domestic flights only) checked baggage per person

How many bags can I carry in Indigo?

When traveling with Indigo Airlines, whether on a domestic or international flight, one checked baggage and one hand luggage are allowed per person. Carrying extra luggage will warrant paying an additional charge.

Is a laptop included in a 7 kg cargo luggage?

Yes, your laptop and other of its accessories have to fit into your hand luggage.

Can I take two bags as hand luggage?

When traveling with Indigo Airlines or any other airline in India, you are only allowed to carry one hand luggage on board, however, there could be exceptions that may come with an extra charge.

Can I carry clothes in my hand luggage?

Few clothing items are recommended in your hand luggage for a changeover, especially when your checked luggage is not accessible during connecting flight.

Are power banks allowed on Indigo flights?

Yes, power banks can be carried in checked luggage and not in hand baggage.