How to Pack Clothes in a Trolley Bag? 

Packing clothes into a trolley bag can be an arduous affair, especially if there are plenty that you are trying to fit into one small space.

By adopting an organized approach and with a bit of planning, you will be able to pack clothes into a trolley bag with ease.

In this blog, I will be sharing some of my personal tips and suggestions which I follow when packing clothes into a trolley bag and if you and implement them am sure you can travel with ease, comfort and in style!

Choosing The Right Trolley Bag

The first thing you should look is the correct trolley bag for your trip, it is essential that you keep a few important factors in mind like.


When selecting a trolley bag to pack your clothing and other items into, you should opt for a bag that suits your requirements.

Unless you are sure how much you are planning to carry, going for a medium-sized trolley bag is the best option. They are easy to carry around and will not feel like a burden to move with.


The ideal trolley bag weighs anything between 3-6 kilograms. Avoid buying a trolley bag that is too heavy or bulky.

A trolley bag with a weight under 3 kg can do better than the above and others. It will allow more capacity for your clothes rather than bag weight. Make sure the quality of the product is good enough to go long way.

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Creating a Packing List

Before your travel starts, you should always list down all the items which you must include in your trolley bag.

When I am traveling I make a list of the minimum number and types of clothes that I would prefer to take with me, in addition to other items like shoes, accessories, and other traveling gear which are essential.

So, preparing a packing list and ticking it while am packing items in my trolley bag, I get ensure that I dont left the most vital or needed items out of the bag.

Rolling vs Folding Clothes

You can choose to either roll your clothes or fold your clothes into your trolley bag. But before you decide what to do, let me take you through the pros and cons of both.

Pros of Rolling Clothes

  • By rolling your clothes you will be able to save space.
  • If rolling is done correctly, you will also be able to ensure that your clothes are less wrinkled.

Cons of Rolling Clothes

  • Rolling up shirt buttons can be an ordeal if you are packing such items.
  • Formal suits and dresses are certain to crease quite easily if you decide ro roll these into a trolley bag instead of folding them.

Pros of Folding Clothes

  • The number of creases and wrinkles in your clothing will be greatly reduced.
  • Folding items like woolen garments or formal outfits can create storage space within your trolley bag. These are items that are otherwise chunky and can end up taking up a lot of space and if you attempt to roll these into the bag instead of folding them.

Cons of Folding Clothes

  • Clothes once they have been folded, tend to take up most of the space that is available in your bag.

Maximizing Space

In order to create the maximum space available within your trolley bag, you can consider making use of packing cubes.

The packing cubes, when used, will enable your clothes to be contained within a compact space.

Alternatively, you can compress the clothes that you are packing into the trolley bag with the help of vacuum seal bags. Such bags will not only help you to create space but will also keep your garments protected from mildew and dust.

Packing For Different Types Of Trips

It goes without saying that when packing clothes into a trolley bag, you need to take into consideration the purpose of your trip and its duration.

If you are going on a trip that will not last longer than three to four days, you should consider carrying only the bare essentials with you, in terms of clothing and accessories.

However, if you intend on traveling over an extensive period of time, you can use packing cubes or vacuum seal bags to create storage space within your trolley bag and carry multiple items with you to make your trip comfortable.

Summing it Up

Packing clothes into a trolley bag is a task that can be performed with ease and efficiency, provided you implement the right strategy to go about it.

You need to consider the occasion for which you are traveling, the length of your stay, and the number of travel partners you are going to be accompanied by.

This will help you determine the number of items you must carry with you in your trolley bag and the style of packing that you should adopt to accommodate all essential clothing and accessories within your trolley bag.

Bon Voyage!