How Coffee Beans Are Roasted

Coffee is one of the most preferred beverages by people around the world, be it at home or in the workplace. It makes you feel fresh as well as makes you feel energetic. Apart from this, it also benefits you in various other ways, like enhancing your cognitive thinking, boost your performance and even keeps you awake to be productive in all your tasks. You may wonder how these small beans make such a great wonder, so let me tell you this is possible only when they are roasted. In this article, I am going to share with you’ll how coffee beans are roasted and what are the techniques used to enhance its flavor, so even you can make it at home and enjoy a cup of coffee every day.

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Why are coffee beans roasted?

Initially, coffee is just a small red fruit that has to undergo various stages before you make it every morning. It is processed to remove the pulp, outer skin and parchment skin, and once this process is complete, then the green coffee beans are extracted and dried.

The beans can be stored for a long time before roasting them. If the seeds are not roasted, then they taste bitter and may become acidic. The coffee roasting time depends on various stages, which gives them a unique flavor and aroma.

Stages of roasting coffee

Before the coffee comes in your cup, it has to undergo various stages, and each step determines its unique flavour. So, let’s have a glance at its multiple stages.

1. Green: Initially, before going for roasting, the beans are green in color, and even when they are heated, they hold on their virgin green essence.

2. Yellow: After heating them a bit, the beans become yellowish in color and start emitting the grassy odour. Later on, the water from the beans starts evaporating.

3. First Crack: It is also known as a cinnamon roast. In this stage, first time the cracking sound of the beans are heard, and it’s like the popping of popcorn.

4. City Roast: After cracking, this is the stage where the coffee beans are ready for making the light flavor coffee, which is preferred by some people.

5. City Plus Roast: In this stage, after the caramelization of sugars and migration of oil, the beans start to swell in size. This is the most common type of roast and is preferred by most of the people.

6. Full City Roast: The coffee beans are roasted much darker in this stage and are on the way to undergo its second crack.

7. Second Crack: It is also known as full city plus roast, and in this stage, the beans undergo violent crack, which gives it an intense flavor.

8. French Roast: It is the darkest roast where all the sugar in the bean is burnt without compromising its flavor. It is the full roast, where the beans are roasted to an extent, but the flavor is retained.

9. Burnt: If the roasting is not stopped by this stage, then the beans start to smell more pungent and will become more bitter in taste and won’t be usable for brewing the coffee.

10. Cooling: This is the last stage. Once the coffee beans are roasted as per your flavor then you have to keep them for cooling and place it in a jar for later use.

How coffee beans are roasted?

Various ways can be used to roast coffee beans. So, if you are planning to roast it at home, then these coffee roasting techniques will be helpful to you.

  1. Roasting coffee with a roasting machine.

There are several roasting machines available in the market that you can use for roasting at home. They act similarly as the popcorn popper by releasing fast hot air to roast the beans. It is the easiest way of roasting the coffee as the machine handles all the tasks.

In this, you have to put the coffee in the machine and turn it on, and then the device will do all its work. Later on, you have to remove the coffee and stir it, let them cool and then store it in a dry container away from the sunlight.

  1. Roasting coffee with a hot air popcorn popper

It is also one of the easiest way to roast coffee beans, and you can even roast it as per the flavor you like. Also, the coffee roasting time may vary depending on the flavor which one prefers.

Before starting the roasting process, you will have to preheat the popper for 30 seconds and then put the beans in the popper. Observe the popper and the changes that occur in the flavor of the seeds, don’t just leave it and go as the coffee beans get roast in a few minutes. After the beans are roasted, then remove it and let it cool and then store it. Later on, you can brew it to make your cup of coffee.

  1. Roasting coffee on a stove top roaster

Initially, when the roasting machines weren’t available, so people used to roast coffee on the stove top roaster, which is a pot with a lid to agitate the coffee.

While roasting coffee with a stove top roaster, you need to preheat the stove top to 400 degrees for at least 5 to 10 minutes and then roast the beans in it as per your requirement and then store in a jar to use it later. The coffee roasting time depends on how dark the flavor of coffee you need.

These were coffee roasting techniques that you can select as per your convenience if you plan to make a cup of coffee for yourself at your home to enjoy quality time with your friends or family.

Final Words

So, guys this is how coffee beans are roasted before it comes turns up to your morning cup of coffee. I hope the coffee lovers found this article interesting, and if you are planning to roast it at home, then do share your experience with other readers as well through our comment section.


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