How Does a Chimney Work?

Nowaays, almost all households have a kitchen chimney. They keep your kitchen clean and make your cooking experience better. Have you ever wondered how does a chimney work? Well, there is a very efficient and effective system to make this appliance work. All the heat,

How To Bake A Cake in Microwave

Cakes! What comes to your mind after hearing this? As soon as I hear someone saying cakes, my cravings start for it and want to eat it at the movement (well am actually a cake lover). I guess this might be a case for most

Why Caffeine is Not Good for Pregnant?

Pregnancy is that phase of life which brings you tons of happiness and at the same time a little bit of worry regarding caring for your baby in the womb. There are various food items and beverages that have to be avoided during pregnancy, and

How Coffee Beans Are Roasted

Coffee is one of the most preferred beverages by people around the world, be it at home or in the workplace. It makes you feel fresh as well as makes you feel energetic. Apart from this, it also benefits you in various other ways, like