Best Coffee Bean Grinder in India 2022 Review

Many of you love to drink coffee at any time, be it a day or night. If you are at your workplace, you will get it ready-made, but when you are at home, you will have to make it yourself.

To make coffee, you either can buy a coffee jar or pouch from the store, or you can grind it at home to make it as per your preferred flavor, which the instant coffee won’t give. To make coffee at home as per your taste, you will have to buy a coffee grinder.

So in this article, I will share with you some best coffee bean grinder in India and also some tips on how to choose the best one that can ease up your work in grinding the beans.

You can also read about how coffee beans are roasted.

How to choose the right coffee grinder?

Now, as you have made your mind to buy the coffee grinder, so you may search for various grinders online, and after seeing ones from multiple brands, you may wonder which one to buy to meet your requirements. So to ease up your task of selecting the perfect one, here are some of the factors that you can consider.

  1. Type of grinder

There are two types of blenders available in the market known as sharp edge blade grinder and burr grinder.

The sharp edge blade grinder will cut the coffee beans in various multiple fine parts, but the cuts will be inconsistent. more time you run the grinder, the finer grind you will get.

Some grinders have the timers so that it can help you to control the grind. They are available at an affordable cost and are more suitable for the beginner brewer.

One more advantage of it is that it can last longer than the burr grinder.

Burr grinder is the best coffee grinder that crushes the coffee beans instead of cutting them in pieces. These grinders have two burrs, and out of them, one remains still while the other rotates with the motor.

Also, these grinders are bit costlier than the blade grinders but are very consistent in their task and gives a perfect coffee for your morning cup.

Selecting the types of grinder doesn’t complete the task. If you have thought to opt with burr grinders, then for your knowledge, these grinders are again of two types that is Flat Burrs and Conical Burrs.

Flat Burrs

These grinders use the centrifugal force to push the beans towards the burr teeth. You have to adjust the grinder by moving the disks closer if you want fine coffee powder else you can apart them if you prefer coarser grind. They are cheaper than the canonical grind but require replacement after 250-600 kg of coffee.

Canonical Burrs

They are more precise than the flat burrs and can be adjusted by degrees. Also, they provide the cutting face of around 60 degrees, whereas the flats burrs contain a parallel cutting face. They will need the replacement only after grinding 750 to 1000 kilos of coffee.

Grind settings

If you are a coffee lover, then you would be aware of the importance of grind as different level of grind comes up with different flavors. Some grinders have multiple grind settings so that you can enjoy your favorite coffee flavor every day.

Size and capacity

Always choose the grinder that meets your capacity requirement. It should neither be too small nor be too huge. If you select a small grinder and your need is more, then you will have to grind it many times, and if you choose a large size grinder and if your need is less, then the coffee beans may get spoiled if not used for a long time.


Its very essential to clean the appliances before & after using it. So choose the grinder which you feel comfortable for cleaning because if its left uncleaned, then the aroma of coffee beans will be lost, or it may get damaged gradually.


The grinder speed is usually measured in revolutions per minute. Avoid taking the grinder of high speed as it can heat the device as well as burn the beans destroying its aroma. A low to medium speed motor grinder is an ideal choice for enjoying coffee of any flavor.


Every type of grinder makes different sounds based on the motor used. A burr grinder makes less noise as compared to the flat grinder. Also, a conical burr grinder makes less sound than the flat burr grinder. So, always choose the one that generates less noise and tolerant to your ears.


There are various coffee bean grinders available in the market with different functionality and budget.

So, you can opt for one which is comfortable as well as affordable to you. Blade grinders are less costly as compared to the burr grinders.

Choose the best budget coffee grinder that fulfills all your needs and is in your budget wisely, because a lot of fancy-looking grinders are available, which costs less but doesn’t perform their tasks efficiently.


Dosing tells how the grinder distributes exactly your coffee ground after undergoing the grounding process. Some grinders have a doser that drops all the coffee grounded in a chamber and then later released it in a coffee filter when you are ready to brew a coffee.

Some grinders don’t have the chamber to store the coffee ground, and so it directly passes the ground for brewing. Even if you get a fresh coffee without the doser, it creates a mess that you have to clean after every usage.

Best Coffee Bean Grinder in India

1. LWVAX Manual Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Space is the primary concern for most of the people these days, So you don’t have to worry about it anymore, as this ceramic burr grinder resolves the space issue.

It requires very little space and can fit in any corner. Also, its cleaning is very easy, and you don’t have to remove the screws entirely to clean it.

To adjust its settings, you just have to rotate the knob clockwise or anticlockwise.

This is the best coffee grinder that is suitable for all those who love to go trekking or camping so that you can enjoy your favorite cup of coffee anytime and anywhere.

Product Specifications:

  • Type: Manual Conical Ceramic Burr Grinder
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Dimensions: 408×4.8×13.3cm
  • Grinding capacity: 7 – 8 grams

Features of this grinder

  • It is lightweight, and so it can be carried anywhere.
  • It has excellent adjustment settings that help you to brew the coffee the way you want using different methods like fine, medium, and coarse.
  • You can adjust the grind size without unscrewing the whole grinder.
  • It is easy to handle while grinding the coffee beans.

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2. Koryo Coffee Grinder KCG151SG with Stainless Steel Container and Blade

This product is made by one of the most prominent retail pioneer of India, which is Big Bazaar( Future Group), who always caters to the need of its customers. It is suitable for use in the home, coffee shops, or the office workplace.

This grinder is made up of stainless steel internally with sharp blades, which help to cut the coffee beans in a precise manner. Although it has a small grinding capacity of 40 grams, but still you can enjoy your favorite flavor of coffee at any time.

It has a light indicator that alerts you when the grinding is done, which is one of the best ways to save power consumption and also beneficial for beginners. It also has a safety switch that allows you to turn on or off the grinder after the application.

Product Specifications:

  • Type: Electric blade grinder
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Power: 150 W
  • Voltage: 220V – 240V
  • Grinding Capacity: 40 grams
  • Warranty: 1 year

Features of this grinder

  • You can get full control over switch that is to turn on & off the grinder.
  • It helps in saving power consumption.
  • It is entirely durable that makes it resistant to impact.
  • The sharp blades of the inner steel container come with an anti-corrosion to provide the effective grind and make it safe during the usage.
  • It is the best budget coffee grinder that can perform tasks efficiently for a long time.

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3. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill “Mini-Slim”

With this slim and stylish grinder, you can save space as well as enjoy your favorite flavor of coffee anytime. It has a detachable handle that can be removed after the use to store the grinder even in a small place. It is easy to clean after usage so that the coffee doesn’t remain stuck to it, and every time you start with a clean grind. Its body is made out of ceramic, so it can last for a long time and doesn’t rust. It can give you a consistent grind for making a perfect coffee.

Product Specifications:

  • Type: Manual Burr Grinder
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Dimensions: 18.5×11.4×8.1 cm
  • Weight: 318 grams
  • Capacity: 2 cups
  • Handle: Aluminium

Features of this grinder

  • It is an ideal choice for the traveler who loves camping and trekking.
  • It is lightweight, which makes it easy to use for manually grinding the beans.
  • It consistently grinds the coffee beans so that you can make a perfect cup of coffee.
  • Its blades are corrosion resistant, so it may not rust after a few usages.

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4. Brayden Spizo, 150 W Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Preci Blades (Black)

This is one of the perfect grinder for you if you are a beginner or a lazy person.

After putting the coffee beans in the grinder, you don’t have to worry about it, as it performs its tasks efficiently only after the lid is locked. Also, it doesn’t heat much, so the aroma of the coffee bean is maintained. Its 150 W power and PRECI blades allow you to crush the spices and nuts as well. If you are a beginner who wants to grind coffee at home, then this is the suitable product for you. Also, its stylish and compact design makes it a perfect kitchen appliance.

Product Specifications:

  • Type: Bladed grinder
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Power: 150 W
  • Weight: 550 grams
  • Warranty: 1 year

Features of this grinder

  • Grinds the coffee beans quickly by maintaining its aroma.
  • It can be used to grind spices, nuts, and everything dry as well.
  • It has the push button to start the grinder.
  • Grinder is easy to clean and store.

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Benefits of Buying a Coffee Bean Grinder 

  • You can make the coffee ground ready within a few minutes to enjoy a cup of fresh coffee every day.
  • You can brew the coffee as per your preferred flavor along with the fresh aroma.
  • It is affordable and saves the money which you spend at the coffee shops.
  • You can ground the beans in a different size to make various types of coffee flavor.

Wrap Up

Due to the advancement of technology in various fields, the features of multiple products have improved, but what people usually do is go with the fancy one without knowing its features. So when you search for any product online, always check is functionality and the one which is suitable as per your need. So these are some of the best coffee bean grinder in India, and I hope it has become a bit easier for you to select the best one.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How does a coffee grinder work?

A coffee grinder is usually used to grind the coffee beans. The grinding depends on the speed and the type of grinder used. There are two types of grinders available in the market, and both give us different grinding. If you are using a burr grinder, then the coffee beans are crushed, and fine powder is formed with a pleasant aroma. And if you are using the blade grinder, then the beans are ground in unequal or coarse pieces.

Initially, you have to pour the coffee beans in the grinder and turn on the power. Then, based on the grinder type, it grinds the beans. The bladed grinder has the blades parallel to each other, and so they cut the beans into uneven pieces. Most people think that if they run this grinder for a long time, then they can get fine coffee powder, but doing this may also overheat the motor and can damage the aroma of the beans. So always run the grinder as per your requirement.

The burr grinder makes the use of centrifugal force to crush the beans, and due to this, we get the fine powder of the coffee beans.

After the coffee beans are crushed, it is stored in the chamber, and from there, you can remove the coffee grind and use it to enjoy your perfect flavor of the coffee

  1. Which grinder is better – Burr or blade?

Both the grinders are best and perform their task efficiently, but the burr grinders work little better than the blade ones. 

The blade grinder cut the coffee beans in uneven form, and there is no consistency, whereas the burr grinder crushes the coffee beans and is consistent while performing its task.

Also, the blade grinders heat up quickly if run for a long time and may burn the beans, whereas the burr grinders don’t heat much and the aroma of the beans along with perfect grind

3. What is the perfect ground size of the coffee if you want to try different styles? 

For all the coffee lovers who want to taste different styles of coffee, here are few ground size suggestions for you, that you can try to brew a coffee for yourself.

If you are going with cold brew coffee, you can use extra coarse or medium coarse, as this style of coffee tastes fantastic with any type of ground size.

And for Drip Coffee, you can go with medium grind or fine ground to enjoy your favorite flavor of the coffee. If you love Espresso coffee, then fine ground or superfine ground will be the best. For French coarse coffee, a coarse grind will give you the best flavor.

For stovetop coffee or Turkish coffee, you can opt for the fine ground to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee.

If you are using an automatic coffee maker, then you can go with medium size grind.

  1. Why should I buy a coffee bean grinder instead of coffee bean powder?

Even though the prepacked coffee beans are tasty and easy for making the coffee, but you won’t get that freshness and the pleasant aroma of the coffee beans as well as you will not be able to control the roast as per your favorite flavor.

Freshness: If you ground the coffee beans yourself at home, then you will definitely get the feel of having a nicely brewed coffee with its aroma, which you won’t get in a prepacked coffee bean powder.

Control: In a prepacked coffee powder, you won’t get your preferred flavor coffee. But in you grind the coffee beans at home, then you can control the toasting process and stop the grinder once you smell your favorite coffee flavor. With the coffee bean grinder, you can make different styles of coffee.

  1. How long will the coffee beans stay fresh after they are ground? 

When exposed to elements like air, light, and moisture, grounded coffee may start losing its aroma and freshness. So it’s better to keep it stored in a tight container to keep it fresh for 2-3 weeks, but it might not remain fresh for a few months and later on won’t taste good as well. To drink a fresh cup of coffee, I would suggest you to grind the beans as per your flavor at that time itself. 

So guys, which is your preferred product from the above list? If we have missed something or if you know any new products, then do share it with the other readers in the comment section below.


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