Bamandongri Station UTS QR Code

After a long search we finally found Bamandongri Station QR Code image that you can scan it using the UTS app to conveniently book your ticket.

About Bamandongri Railway Station

Bamandongri railway station, located in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, is a railway station that is managed by the Central Railway. It provides transportation services to the Ulwe Node, Nerul, and Belapur. This station is composed of two platforms.

Bamandongri Railway Station Code

The station code for Bamandongri Station is “BMNDG”


Which station comes after bamandongri?

Kharkopar is the next station after Bamandongri.

Which sector is bamandongri railway station in?

Sector 19A

Which district is bamandongri?

Bamandongri comes under Panvel