Andheri Station QR Code [Updated]

Below is a QR code for the Andheri Station that you can use with the UTS app to quickly book your ticket.

Andheri Station QR Code [Updated 2023]

About Andheri Railway Station

Andheri railway stationis one of mumbai’s businest and most important railway stations. Located in the suburb of Andheri, it is a significant transit hub that connects various areas of the city and beyond.The station is a part of the Mumbai Suburban Railway Network and is run by the Indian Railway (Western Railway Zone)

The station was opened in the year 1928 as Salsette-Trombay railway station and was later renamed Andheri in 1934. In 2015, the station underwent a massive renovation and rebuild, and currently has nine platforms to accommodate the increasing number of passengers.

Andheri Railway Station Code

The station code for andheri is A (Western) / AD (Harbour) / ADH (Indian Railways)

This station code is frequently used for train schedules, ticket reservations, and other services involving railroads.

Use the correct station code when purchasing your train ticket to make sure you are going to the right place.